LIKE NEW INTEX Intoyz Ball Toyz Castle Playground

Brand : Intex

Condition : LIKE NEW ~ Display set

Approximate inflated size 63 x 63 x 59 L x W x H

Your kids will enjoy having this at home just like going to the hottest fun fair in town now!

RM288.00 NOW! Free shipping! Extra bonus for serious buyer ~ 20pcs quality balls.

Sell in 1st come 1st serve basis. No reserve!

SOLD ~ POS MALAYSIA TRACKIMG # CD 142846925 MY ~ 4/03/2010

Almost New Infantino Travel Gym 2 in 1


Brand : Infantino

Condition : 90% NEW ~5 months old & in excellent condition, as rarely used, only used for 1 baby.

This comes from clean, smoke free and pets free home.

Product Features

Color Name: Merry Monkey

  • Super plush travel gym entertains baby through sight, sound and touch
  • Toy bar detaches to become the perfect crib activity center
  • Cute monkey pattern has bright colors and various textures
  • Interesting sounds capture baby’s attention
  • Zips into convenient travel bag

RM78.00+RM10.00 for postage within West Malaysia.

Fisher Price Barney Move ‘n Groove Dance Mat/Gym


Brand : Barney

Condition : Almost new ~ 95% NEW

Simply put the Move ‘n Groove Dance Mat on the floor and let your child dance the day away. The keyboard makes six different notes, the instrument icons play various tunes, and when the picture of Barney is stepped on, he will issue instructions to step on the blue footprint, step on the red footprint, etc., and even congratulate the child when she steps on the correct spot.  Eventhough the combinations of things you can do may be limited, but the physical and interactive qualities of this toy are a big plus.

Mat measures approximately 42″ x 22″ x 21.
Requires 4 “D” alkaline batteries (not included)

RM135.00+RM10.00 for postage within West Malaysia.

SKYNET TRACKING # 201 35911 4471 ~ 12/10/2009

Fisher Price Baby Playzone Kick & Whirl Carnival with detachable spin ball & rattles!


Brand : Fisher Price

Condition : 85%-90% NEW ~ Gently used for a few month! All music, light and sound is working perfectly like NEW!

It’s a carnival of encouragement, with a musical ferris wheel that rewards baby for kicking, reaching, sitting, grasping and playing! Overhead gym easily converts to a sit-up and play center as baby grows. Both are packed full of fun, with a ball drop activity station, dancing lights, five minutes of lively music, spinners, ball ramps and more! Five colorful balls are included.

Like all Baby Playzone toys, the Kick & Whirl Carnival encourages and rewards baby’s physical accomplishments with exciting activities that make baby want to try and try again!!

Developing Motor Skills

Encourages baby to advance through physical milestones, rewarding kicking, reaching & sitting.

Strengthens motor skills as baby reaches & bats at toys or grasps balls to place in holes.

Encouraging Cognitive Abilities

Baby’s actions make things happen, teaching about cause & effect.

Helps baby understand spatial concepts like in/out & rolling.

Stimulating the Senses

Offers visual stimulation as baby watches spinning ferris wheel with dancing lights, colorful balls & busy activities.

Price is final.

RM150.00+RM10.00 for postage within West Malaysia.

SOLD ~ SKYNET TRACKING # 201 34959 3782 ~ 13/11/2009

FISHER PRICE SINGING STAR GYM~All lights and music work perfectly!


Brand : Fisher Price

Condition : 85% NEW ~ All in good condition including the light and music function perfectly!

Toys that grow with your child from infancy to toddlerhood are well worth their cost. The Classical Chorus Gym is one such toy, allowing your child to explore music at every stage of his development. As an infant, your child can lay on his back and bat at the hanging toys while the keyboard plays 10 different classical or nursery melodies, some with a children’s chorus. You can set the music to play continuously for up to 10 minutes, or only when your child successfully hits a toy, teaching him cause and effect. When your child learns to sit, the keyboard adjusts with him to the proper height, and then adjusts one more times to accommodate a standing or walking child. At these stages, you can set the music to play part of a song when your child presses a key or let your child experiment with scales and individual notes. The keyboard’s “singing” stars light up as music plays to further delight budding musicians.

SUPER DEAL RM78.00 + RM10.00 for postage within West Malaysia.

95% NEW Fisher-Price Linkadoos Motion & Music Barnyard Gym ( with manual and travel bag )


Brand : Fisher Price

Condition : 95% NEW. Comes with reusable vinyl bag for travel or storage.

As the music pray, the cow will move forth and back. You baby will just love it! Detachable rattles that you can place on mat or remove and let your baby play with his little hands.

Product Description:

There’s no telling how long baby will spend exploring the Fisher-Price Linkadoos Motion & Music Barnyard Gym. This developmental play space for baby provides endless surprises in a fun barnyard setting. With five songs, three sound effects and adorable barnyard friends, there’s lots for baby to discover.

Baby activates motion of cow, chick, pig and lamb

  • Mom activates continuous play mode for motion and long-playing music and sounds
  • Gym features a soft mat and raised sides with additional play areas including a large mirror, spinners and crinkles
  • Five songs
  • Three sound effects
  • Six links are included and can be attached overhead or at four different attachment points on the mat or sides
  • Product is packaged in a bound reusable vinyl bag for travel or storage

RM95+RM10 for postage within West Malaysia.

SOLD ~ SKYNET TRACKING # 201 35911 4762 ~ 24/07/09

NEW Kick and Play Interactive Playmat


Condition : Brand NEW

Colorful playmat that will catch your baby attention. Comes with attached rattles so that you wouldnt lost or misplace them. Any musical note you press or stamp on will sound, and the light panel will twinkle. When KEY 1 or KEY 2 is pressed, a piece of music will be heard; KEY 3 will give you a song while KEY 4 to 10 will give you the sounds of seven different animals – horse, cow, sheep, puppy, duck, frog and hen.

Size : Length 25.5 inch; Width 18.5 inch

RM20.00+RM5.00 for postage within West Malaysia.

SOLD ~ SKYNET TRACKING # 201 32210 4620 ~ 27/07/09

Fisher Price 3 in 1 Miracles and Milestones Gym


Product Description

  • The Smilestones Play-a-round Gym is the first opening price point gym to offer 3 modes of play that help develop your baby’s arms, legs, neck, and torso muscles.
  • There are also 3 removable toys to stimulate baby’s visual development.
  • In gym mode, toys are hung overhead to stimulate vision and encourage reaching and batting.
  • In tummy-time mode, gym is laid flat and toys can be positioned in front of baby to encourage tummy-time play.
  • In sit-at mode, baby sits in the middle of the gym surrounded by the toys. Senses are stimulated by the flecce mat and toys (black and white face, mirror, giraffe with clackers and textured teeth able feet, and a soft lady bug rattle).

RM55.00+RM10.00 for postage within West Malaysia.

SOLD ~ Hanum ~ SKYNET TRACKING # 201 32210 4524 ~ 30th June 2009

Fisher-Price Crawl and Slide Arcade


Editorial Review
This versatile activity center grows with your child, taking him from the early crawling stage to toddlerhood, and really giving parents their money’s worth. Babies will be interested in the arcade as soon as they can sit up and play with the activity board full of stimulating flashing lights and fun sounds and music. Babies will be challenged to grasp the four soft plastic balls or bat the hanging inflatable ball to build eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Once children can crawl, they’ll delight in practicing by going through the arcade”s arches and sending the balls down ramps on the sides of the arches. For early walkers, the arcade converts to a low slide with flashing lights that encourage kids to come down. A wheel to the slide’s side lets kids fill it with balls and then spill it to start all over again–a cause-and-effect activity that they never seem to tire of at that stage. This playcenter requires three AA batteries to run its electronic features.

Product Description
Lights and lively music reward your child’s achievements on the Crawl and Slide Arcade – from sitting, to crawling, to learning to step up and slide down. As little ones get bigger, the arcade converts to a baby’s first slide for step-up and slide-down fun. Like all Baby Playzone toys, the Crawl and Slide Arcade encourages and rewards your baby’s physical accomplishments with exciting activities that make baby want to try and try again. Requires 3 “AA” alkaline batteries.

For more details and retail price please click the link below. Please note that all the price stated below the link is in USD.

RM190.00+RM10.00 for postage within West Malaysia.