NEW with Box Swing Opening Baby Safety Gate with detachable extension panel ( optional )

Condition : NEW with Box

Color : Red, Yellow, White. We will ship whatever color is available in stock.

Model 228 S ~ This safety gate can be used for opening of width from 81cm (31 inch) to 92.5cm  (36.5 inch)

Price : RM120.00+RM10.00 for shipping within West Malaysia.

Model 228 L ~ This safety gate can be used for opening of width from 96.5cm (38 inch) to 109cm  (42.5 inch) where extension panel is required to extend the length. 

Price : RM145.00+RM10.00 for shipping within West Malaysia.

Length can be adjusted according to the wall and fit securely on both side.

 Limited Units ~ Hurry! Grab Now!  

2 units of Kiddy Guard Mesh Child Safety Gate ~ Bought back from Sweden

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Brand : Kiddy Guard ~ Made in Sweden

Condition : Function 100%; Appearance 80% new except a little yellowish as all the while has been kept in the storeroom.

The KiddyGuard gate is a retractable child safety gate and can fit openings up to 51”. It can be mounted inside doors and stairway openings, or on the wall front of door or stairway openings up to 51” wide. 

The KiddyGuard Mesh Gate is a unique safety barrier that can protect your children, up to 24 months of age, from a range of dangerous household locations. Easy to install with included hardware, the KiddyGuard can be used in both doorways and stairways with widths up to 51 inches. Unlike most safety gates, the KiddyGuard mesh gate closes so small when not in use that it is almost invisible and will never be in the way.  It is exceptionally safe and secure and locks in both open and closed positions.  The KiddyGuard mesh safety gate is the ideal choice for your home safety needs!


  • Easy to install – Can be installed in or beside openings. Hardware included for mounting onto wall.
  • Needs minimum space – Almost invisible when not in use. Leaves the way free – no trip hazard across the opening.
  • Easy to use – One-handed operation
  • Locks open or closed – Cannot be used as a toy
  • Warning signal – Clicking mechanism sounds while opening
  • Safe and secure – Tested to meet the US safety standard ASTMF 1004-00 and the European safety standard, EN 1930. Certified by JPMA (Junior Products Manufacturers Association)

Why you may need a wall kit? ( Not included )

The adjustable KiddyGuard Wall Installation Kit helps install the KiddyGuard baby safety gate to hollow walls and/or walls with a baseboard. This kit helps install the gate to stand parallel to the wall.

Retail price is USD109.95 X 3.5 = RM385.00

More details can be view from

Here in we are selling for half price RM190.00/set + RM10.00 for courier within West Malaysia.

1st unit sold ~ COD from Taman Desa Jaya ~ 20/01/2010

2nd unit sold ~ SKYNET TRACKING # 201 34959 3852 ~ 11/02/2010

Safety First Safety Gate


Brand : Safety First

Condition : 80% NEW. Function 100%

The Easy-Fit Security Gate comes equipped with a special memory feature, ensuring reinstallation is always fast and simple.

  • Memory feature for quick reinstallation
  • Pressure mounted for easy installation
  • No hardware required
  • 1-hand lock and release for adult-only access
  • Expands from 28″-42″ (71-107 cm)
  • Stands 27″ tall (68.5 cm)

For non fussy buyer and price is final.

RM125.00+RM10.00 for postage within West Malaysia.

SOLD ~ COD from Taman Desa Jaya, JB ~ 6/01/2010

Fisher Price Safety Gate


Brand : Fisher Price

Condition : 70% NEW. Visible sign of used but still serve the purpose and usage. The color of the gate is still in white and not yellowish.

Measurements : Length of one panel itself is 23.5 inch. Therefore, the panel door can be extended from 23.5 inch to 41 inch. Height is 26 inch

For non fussy buyer and price is final.

RM110.00+RM10.00 for postage within West Malaysia.